Evanescence's Music, Members and Success

Evanescence is a Grammy-winning rock band founded back in 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas by its lead singer and pianist Amy Lee and its former guitarist Ben Moody. The latter left in the year 2003 due to what has been speculated as endless internal wrangles. The band’s other original members included David Hodges, John Lecompt, William Boyd, and Rocky Gray.

Originally considered to be a Christian rock band, Evanescence for that short earlier period received promotional support from Christian stores before they made it explicitly clear that they aren’t a Christian rock band and should be considered one. The news greatly disappointed their Christian fans but never deterred their success.

After recording several private albums, in 2003 Evanescence released Fallen, which was their first full-length album, and which sold close to 16 million copies worldwide. It is this album that marked an onset to a rather successful musical career for the band in the succeeding years. Fallen reached number 1 on the Billboard Top Contemporary Christians chart, number 3 on the Billboard’s 200 and helped the band earn two Grammy Awards. The band’s debut single Bring Me to Life became a global hit and reached number 5 on American Billboard Hot 100 and was used in the action movie Daredevil as a soundtrack.


1998: Evanescence EP

1999: Sound Asleep EP

2000: Origin

2003: Mystery EP, Fallen

2004: Anywhere But Home

2006: the Open Door

From the beginning, the band was ingeniously crafted and well marketed. Its lead singer Amy Lee wore the right goth look to give her and the band the image that has earned it a fantastically huge fan base. Her ghoulish make up, the left-eyebrow piercing, and her Victorian-style clothing, fishnets and corsets has given the band the image that has stuck in their fans’ minds; something that has served well as a marketing tool for the band. Evanescence is currently consisted of Amy Lee (lead vocals, keyboards, piano), Tim McCord (bass), and Terry Balsamo (guitars).


  • Paramore 1
  • Evanescence 2
  • Paramore 1
  • Evanescence 2


What You Need To Know About Paramore

Paramore is recognized as an American rock band originated from Franklin in Tennessee. The band was established in 2004 and presently made up of the lead vocalist, bassist and the guitarist. The first album of Paramore was debuted in 2005 titled “All We Know Is falling”. On the UK Rock Chart, it was ranked the eighth while on the Heatseekers Chart of Billboard, it was ranked thirty.

The second album of Paramore was launched in 2007 and tagged “Riot” and because of the success of the singles “Misery Business”, “Riot”, “Crushcrushcrush” and “That’s What You Get”, it was certified in USA as Platinum. At the 2008 Grammy Awards, Paramore band received the “Best New Artist” nomination and up till this moment, their follow-up of “Brand New Eyes” is their second highest charting band album which was ranked as number two on Billboard 200 when it generated about 175,000 sales in its first week.

The music of Paramore band is mainly categorized as emo and pop punk. It is absolutely different from other popular punk acts like Avril Lavigne meanwhile Paramore band is nearly decided to move against the traditional punk grain. Paramore music is enthusiastic, upfront and deeply emotional and there is nothing of whiny, formulaic and grating attitude which characterizes the typical punk.

The maturity level of the music of Paramore is amazing when thinking that they can be considered as kids on stage even though the members have been in music world when they were barely teens. Before the debut of the Paramore albums that brought them to limelight, they began just as the children practicing in the garage. Their lead vocalist named Hayley Williams who was just 14 years old and their drummer, Zac faro who was only 12 years started the band. Later, Josh Farro who was the lead guitars joined them together with the bass guitarist – Jeremy Davis and rhythm guitar – Jason Bynum. These guys originally formed the band and the name of the Paramore band was came about due to the fact that they liked the idea that it meant “ Secret or unknown lover.”


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